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Table 3 Vegetable sources

From: Indigenous plant foods of Dikgale community in South Africa

Family names Scientific name Common name Vernacular name Description of use Frequency of identification
Male Female
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus thunbergii Moq. Pigweed Theepe Fresh, tender leaves are boiled to make a palatable side-dish. Dried leaves or cooked side-dish can be dried for future use 53 47
Amaranthus spinosus (L.) Thorny pigweed Letelele Fresh leaves are boiled to make slimy relish 12 47
Asteraceae Vernonia fastigiata. Oliv. & Hiern Langbeen bossie Lehlanye Tender leaves are boiled to make bitter-taste vegetable 19 47
Capparidaceae Cleome monophylla L. Spider whips Lerotho Young leaves and flowers are boiled to make relish which can be stored for future use 53 47
Cucurbitaceae Citrullus vulgaris Schrad Kaffir melon Morotse Tender leaves and immature fruit are boiled to make relish 53 47
Citrullus vulgaris Schrad. Vars. Watermelon Mogapu Well-cooked tender leaves make palatable relish 22 47
Cucurbita pepo. L. Pumpkin Mofodi Immature leaves, fruits and flowers make relish 53 47
Cucumis africanus L.f. Wild cucumber Monyaku Tender leaves make relish 53 47
Lagenaria vulgaris Ser. Gourd Moraka Immature leaves and fruits make relish 16 47
Fabaceae Elephantorrhiza elephantina (Burch.) Skeels Eland’s wattle Mošitsana Young, tender leaves make a relish 14 47
Zygophyllaceae Tribulus terrestris L. Devil’s thorn Tshehlo Fresh leaves make a relish 8 47